Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Post SurgeryMovement For Life Physiotherapy has a long history of providing physiotherapy services to post-surgical patients, including 12 years of inpatient services at Darwin Private Hospital between 2004 and 2016.

If you have had surgery, then there is a good chance you will have received physiotherapy afterwards to help get you moving again. Our physiotherapists routinely see patient’s who have had joint surgery, back surgery, abdominal surgery or chest infections once discharged from hospital.

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience managing orthopaedic conditions. Our areas of expertise are rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery (knee, hip and shoulder), ACL reconstruction, ankle reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, spinal surgery and all joint arthroscopic surgery.

MFL Physiotherapists work closely with the treating surgeons to develop clear rehabilitation protocols. These protocols are put into effect following surgery, to ensure you receive optimal treatment and expedite your recovery.

On discharge from hospital Movement For Life Physiotherapy can provide you with all your outpatient physiotherapy needs. During the early stages of recovery, we provide one on one treatment. As you progress there are numerous group sessions available to allow you greater independence, appointment flexibility and access.

Movement For Life Physiotherapy can perform pre-surgical assessments through our P.R.E.P Program. These sessions can be advantageous if you have had pain and limited mobility for a prolonged period of time. Learning the exercises BEFORE surgery gives you familiarity with your treating physiotherapist and exercises, allows you to get moving faster and clarifies what is ahead of you.

For more information on any of the above services, please call our clinic on 08 8945 3799.