Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Lower Limb RehabilitationNow in its 8th year, this exercise class is unique to Movement For Life Physiotherapy. It runs for one hour, twice per week and takes small groups of patients recovering from injuries or surgery to the lower limb through individual exercise programs and small amounts of hands-on therapy. Because this is run as a group, we are able to offer substantial discounts to patients.

Class times:

•  Tuesday 4pm - 5pm
•  Friday 5pm - 6pm

Two physiotherapists are involved every week ensuring each patient gets some one-on-one time. Patients get on the spot advice about exercises, progression of their program if appropriate and intervention when and where it is needed. This could be as simple as strapping the knee to reduce pain when squatting, to a gluteal muscle release to allow greater hip range of movement.

Before participating in the lower limb rehabilitation class, all clients must be assessed by a physiotherapist and a preliminary rehabilitation program developed.

For more information please call 08 8945 3799.

To make an appointment to see a physiotherapist, either click on the 'Request an Appointment' link on the left hand side of this page or give us a call on 08 8945 3799.