CorePlus is an ideal way to prevent and manage injuries through a stronger, more flexible body and increased postural awareness.

Delivered by experienced physiotherapists with advanced musculoskeletal knowledge, CorePlus incorporates a range of different strength and conditioning disciplines to deliver lasting results. 



Inspired by Pilates, delivering much more!

CorePlus differs from other styles of exercise such as Pilates because it is therapeutic.  CorePlus utilises a range of different disciplines such as core strength, balance and proprioceptive training, strength and endurance training, and stretching and mobilisation to hel you achieve your goals.

Let's get Functional!

Our programs are functional based.  They are designed to help you with more of your day to day pursuits, whether that be in the workplace, on the sports field, or around the home.  Therapeutic exercise has a increasingly large research base behind it and is proven to deliver earlier return to sport and work. 

CorePlus programs are beneficial for all ages, male or female, and even those free of aches and pains! In particular it can help those who have back or neck pain, poor posture, headaches, are overweight, pre and post-natal women, teenagers with poor posture, the elderly and also sportspeople (injured or not).

Patients are individually assessed prior to beginning a CorePlus program to ensure they are safe and that an appropriate program is prescribed.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 08 8945 3799.  Alternatively you can Request an Appointment and we will contact you with appointment options.