Shoulder Pain and Scapular Dyskinesis

24th July 2014


Redefining Shoulder Treatment

Australian Physiotherapists have been treated to some excellent professional development in 2014, thanks to an initiative by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The “Up Close & Clinical Tour 2014” has provided many physiotherapists with an opportunity to hear from some experts who are recognized internationally as leaders in their field.


Shoulder Injuries


8th July 2014

With the dry season in full swing in the Top End, many of us are feeling inspired to get out and be active. Maybe it’s a spot of camping, cleaning up the yard, a round or two of golf or having a social hit of tennis. For many of these activities, good shoulder function is essential.


Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

23rd January 2013

movement_for_life_physio_solitary_runner_road_sunriseIs leg pain limiting your training?  You're not alone!

In the second instalment of this series on leg pain associated with running, we are looking at Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS).


Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

8th January 2014

movement_for_life_physio_runner_shin_splintsGetting pain in your leg when you run? You're not alone.

Exercise-related shin pain is experienced by up to 82% of runners over a single running season (Reinking et al 2010). It is often termed “shin splints” by lay people, and “chronic exertional leg pain” by some medical professionals. The latter term encompasses a group of diagnoses that our physiotherapists are familiar with.