MyPhysio Career™

MyPhysio Career™ is a compulsory program for all Movement For Life Physiotherapy employees.movement_for_life_physio_anatomy_pelvis


MyPhysio Career™ utilizes a clearly defined pathway to take you seamlessly from a base level of undergraduate knowledge, to the advanced skills of a Titled APA Physiotherapist in as little as 4 years. Depending on an employee’s level of clinical experience, they may enter the program at any stage.

MFLP’s continuing professional development scheme recognizes that employees learn in different ways. The focus of the program is intended to be on individual learning needs and individual learning outcomes. Thus it involves a diverse range of learning experiences and environments including:

•  Inservices
•  Mentoring
•  Involvement with sports teams
•  Peer reviews
•  Attendance of APA approved courses, conferences and webinars
•  Post Graduate study through an approved institution
•  Discussions with colleagues
•  Reflecting on practice
•  Reading professional publications
•  Public relations activities
•  Committee involvement
•  Lecturing
•  Systematic literature reviews and research
•  Online learning platforms
•  Listening to relevant podcasts

Where possible, MyPhysio Career™ prepares the individual to be able to apply via the Australian Physiotherapy Association to be awarded title.

For further information on applying for APA Title recognition, please visit APA Pathways

Each professional development stream is designed with both core and elective components and with with flexibility in mind.

Movement For Life Physiotherapy currently boasts five Professional Development Streams:

1.  Sports Physiotherapy
2.  Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
3.  Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation
4.  Continence and Women’s Health
5.  Physiotherapy Business Management and Leadership

For more information on our professional development streams or on the MyPhysio Career™ program, please email us at