Employee Stories

Nick Jones, APAM

B.Sci (Anatomy); B. Physio (Hons); M. Sports Physio

Position: Clinic Director, Senior Physiotherapist

movement_for_life_physio_nick_jones_2013I first came to Darwin in 2001 on a working holiday and found myself working for a physiotherapy clinic located at the Private Hospital. I was only 18 months out of university, and Darwin was awesome. There was so much going on and so much to explore. I love camping, hiking and getting off the beaten track, so Darwin and the top end suited me nicely.

A four week locum position turned into 16 months, before I took off to the UK with my wife-to-be, Sally. In 2004 we found ourselves heading back to Darwin. Having come to the end of our working time in the UK, we were looking for a new challenges and experiences. Luck had it that the clinic that I had worked for back in 2001 was on the market. Sally and I took a deep breath and jumped into life as owners of a small physiotherapy clinic.

The main reason we went for this was purely the location. We knew that in the 2 years that we had been away from Darwin property prices had grown strongly and population growth was strong. There were plenty of big infrastructure projects coming up as well and we felt the position in the hospital was a significant advantage. There were also great opportunities to develop our sports physiotherapy skills.

What Darwin lacks in local professional development, it makes up for with pure opportunity. Within 2 years I found myself travelling with NT hockey for the men’s and women’s AHL campaigns. To complement this I completed a Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy in 2007 through La Trobe University. Having such massive exposure to one sport allowed me to make some great contacts at a national level and resulted in work with the Kookaburra’s, as well as a trip to China in 2009 with an Australian Men’s Hockey Development Squad.

In 2012 I completed a Master of Sports Physiotherapy through La Trobe University with the assistance of a scholarship awarded through S.A.R.R.A.H.  Part of my studies involved spending time with elite sports teams.  I was fortunate to be able to accompany the Australian Junior Men's Hockey squad to Singapore and Malaysia where the team finished third overall in the Sultan of Johor Cup. 

In 2013 I travelled with the same squad to Germany, Belgium and Holland as part of their preparation for the 2013 Men's Junior World Cup.  This was another amazing opportunity to work closely with a group of committed athletes and coaches, implement injury prevention strategies and successfully manage a range of acute musculoskeletal injuries.

Today I am responsible for twelve full time physiotherapists. I am charged with delivering mentoring programs, structuring in-house professional development programs, and liaising with key stakeholders to ensure a strong client base. I am passionate about our team and the workplace culture. I am committed to ensuring our team and our company deliver THE BEST physiotherapy service and client experience possible.