Movement For Life Physiotherapy is continually seeking talented physiotherapists with a passion for their professimovement_for_life_physio_exercise_shoulderon.

At Movement For Life Physiotherapy we have a vision to be recognized as a dynamic, progressive company, national in scope, and at the forefront of clinical practice and client care.

As a business, we are committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do.

As a team we foster a culture of mutual respect, quality improvement and a strong belief in the unique skills of our people.

In our quest to achieve this vision, we acknowledge that we need great physiotherapists. We recognise that the cornerstone of our success is our team, and it is our obligation to surround our team with a network of like-minded people.

To achieve this, MFL Physiotherapy has developed advanced professional development and career pathway structures, with flexibility to move with changing times and technology.

Movement For Life is proud to offer employees the following:

•  Clinical Mentoring & Inservice Program
•  Exposure to multiple clinics and settings
•  Footprint™ program for New Graduate Physiotherapists
•  MyPhysio Career™ 4-Stage Pathway to achieving Titled APA Physiotherapist
•  Annual Professional Development Funding
•  Attractive starting Remuneration Package
•  Structured Pay Rises with Experience & Skill Progression

Movement For Life Physiotherapy has developed advanced professional development and career pathway programs called Footprint™ and MyPhysio Career™. Covering both clinical and business management components, the Footprint™ and MyPhysio Career™ programs ensure that our staff are up-to-date with the latest in clinical best practice and the business of physiotherapy and related health services.

For more information on Footprint™ and MyPhysio Career™, click on the links below.

•  Footprint™
•  MyPhysio Career™

If you are committed to providing quality care, want to work with a strong team, and wish to pursue a rewarding professional pathway, then give us a call on 08 8945 3799 or email us at